Air Vehicles
AeroVehicles Inc. (“AVI”) was formed to develop the technology originated by a group of engineers working in Santa Maria, California.
This group of engineers designed a new aircraft so unique it is unlike anything previously existing. The aircraft possesses the characteristics of carrying heavy loads, taking off and landing from virtually any relatively flat surface Continue Reading »
All the information you need to know about our Product.
A hybrid aircraft combines the advantages of aerodynamic lift from its lifting body hull shape (like an airplane) and the efficiencies of lighter-than–air derived from the buoyancy of the helium-filled envelope (like an airship or blimp)
The Future
AeroCat is the first generation product to be introduced by AeroVehicles Inc.
Planned subsequent generation products will scale up the capabilities of the AeroCat to remarkable proportions.
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Market & Aplications
The unique attributes of this aircraft make it impossible to list all end uses.
Therefore, AVI has identified two very important Priority End Use configurations benefitting the entire world.
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